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PRESS BOOKLET / PRESSEHEFT (620 KB) *.pdf | requires Acrobat Reader

PRESS BOOKLET / PRESSEHEFT (1.08 MB) *.doc | allows copy/paste

PRESS REVIEWS / PRESSESPIEGEL (960 KB) *.pdf | requires Acrobat Reader

STILL IMAGES high resolution (12.5 MB) *.zip archive
STILL IMAGES low resolution (2 MB) *.zip archive

POSTER ARTWORK english (456 KB) *.jpg (use "save image as...")
POSTER ARTWORK german (5.30 MB) *.jpg (use "save image as...")

POSTER ARTWORK TEXTLESS (4.25 MB) *.jpg (use "save image as...")

AUDIO PRESS KIT german (12 MB) *.zip archive

DIALOGUE LIST english (56 KB) *pdf | requires Acrobat Reader
DIALOGUE LIST german (48 KB) *.pdf | requires Acrobat Reader
DIALOGUE LIST spanish* (33 KB) *.doc
DIALOGUE LIST french* (35 KB) *.doc

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR bio/filmography/images (3.7 MB) *.zip archive

* contains 25fps - timecode for 50i video subtitle systems (not appropriate for synchronisation with 35mm prints)

still images
production gallery
poster artwork